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Planul lui Dumnezeu pentru vietile noastre

Unul dintre versetele mele preferate il gasim scris in Ier.29:11, si care spune: “Caci Eu stiu gindurile pe care le am cu privire la voi, zice Domnul, ginduri de pace si nu de nenorocire, ca sa va dau un viitor si-o nadejde”. Fiecare dintre noi dorim si sigur ca urmarim fericirea noastra ca si a celor dragi ai nostrii. Absolut nimic...
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Unclaimed Blessings

I was but a small child when an incident took place in our family which I still remember to this day. My father had just promised to do something for my older sister which I suppose made her very happy for she exclaimed: “Really? Are you being serious ?” To which my father sternly replied:  “I never lie!” He wasn’t...
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Ne Alegem Cu Ceea Ce alegem!

Citim in 1Imparati 17:1-16, ca datorita idolatriei in care se balacea si Israelul si Ahab, Ilie la porunca Domnului i-a spus lui Ahab: “Viu este Domnul Dumnezeu Lui Israel al carui slujitor sint ca in anii acestia nu va fi nici roua si nici ploaie decit dupa cuvintul meu”  Si-apoi Dumnezeu  Ii spune lui Ilie: “Du-te si ascunde-te linga piriul Cherit...
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Heartbreaking…Please Read This!

Newspaper headline reads: “N.Y. mom kills self and three other children.” After many traumatizing  disputes with her children’s deadbeat father, she drove the van with her four children into the waters of Hudson River. One of the children, 10 years of age was able to climb out of the vehicle and swim to to shore. She left a dying message on Facebook,...
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The Power of Intercession

“When the sun was setting, all those who had any that were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and He laid hands on everyone of them and healed them. (Luk.4:40)” Please note the underlined words in the above cited Scripture. They should be of great encouragement to those of us who have loved ones in our lives who are in need of a touch from...
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