Feeling Blessed? Then let Him know it!

There is simply no greater privilege for a child of God than that of being able to come before Him with praise and thanksgiving. And yet so many of us, when coming in prayer before Him, we do anything but take time to thank Him for the blessings He so richly bestows upon us. How would we feel, if we greatly loved somebody, do everything for them, and yet be shown superficial or no gratitude at all in return? To make matters worse, what if those loved ones of ours, not only do not show much gratitude, but mercilessly drop all sorts of demands on us? Is it not true that we would feel hurt? I mean, deeply hurt?! And yet, that’s how most of us who call ourselves God’s children act towards our Heavenly Father.  Petitioning Him daily, yet thanking Him every so often! Strong in our petitions, but anemic in our thanksgiving.

Ungratefulness! An ugly thing, a hurtful thing, hurtful for it greatly hinders our relationship with Him. We cannot really deepen our relationship with Him without a proper, heartfelt acknowledgement of His Goodness towards us. We just can’t!

A pastor once paid a visit to one of the families that attended his church. Knowing they had a little girl – Danielle, he brought a piece of candy with him to give to her. Once welcomed inside the house he gave the little child the candy. Mom, looking at Danielle, and, desiring to prompt her to show proper gratitude said: “Now, what do we say, Danielle?” But, Danielle said nothing.  “Come on now sweety”, insisted Mom, ” what do we say to the good pastor?”“I want another chocolate”, answered Danielle. How like so many of us…

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