Unclaimed Blessings

I was but a small child when an incident took place in our family which I still remember to this day. My father had just promised to do something for my older sister which I suppose made her very happy for she exclaimed: “Really? Are you being serious ?” To which my father sternly replied:  “I never lie!” He wasn’t really angry when he said that, just perturbed I guess, for being doubted. After all, he never made promises he didn’t intend to keep. And we all knew that!

I got to thinking about it today…. God made us great promises in His Word. And yet, we either don’t believe Him, or else do not care to pay the price required it be paid in order to inherit His promises. Let us quickly look at just a few of them, then look deep down in our hearts, and see how we fare…. In Mat. 6:33, He promised: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all other things shall be added to you.” Do we do that? If we do, we’re a blessed people indeed! But if we don’t, it is simply because we don’t believe His Word, else if we did, we’d be quick to obey, for who does not want the blessings associated with such marvelous promise?

He promised to answer our prayers. In Mat. 7:7, Jesus said: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be given to you.” He is talking here about our being persistent in prayer. To not let up until He’ll grant our petitions (assuming we ask in His Will ). But do we believe Him enough to do that? When did God grant one of our petitions last? Can we remember? We’ve got Christians today who cannot remember the last time their prayers were answered!  What does that say about our relationship with the Lord?  For you see, prayer speaks of ‘relationship’. Is it possible, is it just possible that our relationship with Him is of no real substance, we offer but lip service, reaping thereby a life devoid of any real meaning? 

He promised us healing (Isa.53:5). Has he ever healed you? Or else, do you believe Him for your healing or for the healing of someone you love? He promised us guidance. Into ALL truth! (Joh.16:13). When was it the last time you distinctively knew He guided you? He promised to bless our cheerful giving (Luk.6:38). Do you believe that? If you did, you’d be giving, hilariously so!

I’ll stop here for now. Hope this made you think about some things you needed to be reminded of, such as God’s great promises to you. That He longs to bless you.  He truly does! But you’ll have to let Him! How, you ask? By believing Him, walking with Him, doing your best to obey, that’s all He’s asking of you – to do your best, and then claim His promises for your life. And please know that His promises are always grand, because His plans for you are always bigger than you think.

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